Fort Frances Releases New EP “Harbour”

Chicago’s Fort Frances tours for their new EP “Harbour


Saturday night Fort Frances stopped in NYC to play Rockwood Music Hall’s Lower East Side venue

Band Members: Song writer, lead vocals and guitarist: David McMillan. Bassist, Piano, back up vocals, engineer/mixer: Jeffrey Piper. Drums, back up vocals and artwork: Aaron Kiser

This is my third time to see FF in NYC. All three times I was impressed beyond expectation. Every song I caught myself swaying softly to or stomping my heel to the beat on the wood floor at Rockwood Music Hall Saturday night. They give you that range of emotion. Some songs heavy enough to pillow up tears, like Please Don’t Wait Up. Alternatively, you feel triumphant and as upbeat as a Brady Bunch sib with I Had Love. Make sure you give attention to their debut album The Atlas as well, the sound and lyrics have the same range of emotional output and has a feel-good Americana folk rock vibe. I promise every song delivers and is worthy of being your new favorite single.

I was pleased to interview the band, over after-hours pizza in a loud joint called Rosario’s.

RNR: How long have you been a band? What are your previous bands?
JP: 2 years, Lush.
AK: Moist Revue
DM: Trial and Error
(Why do I not believe you).

RNR: What genre do you consider your music?
AK: Hilarious sensitive rock…indie folk rock (more seriously)

RNR: Who are your music idols?
DM: John Lennon and Michael Jackson.
AK: Phish.
JP: No comment

***Aaron does 4 reps of the belly wave***

RNR: Are you signed by a record label? Does that even matter anymore?
DM: It’s arguable sides of the coin, it might make things less stressful.
JP: The label pays for travel and takes care of marketing.

RNR: Don’t they own your music?
DM: I would never sign a contract where they had full ownership of the music.

RNR: Who writes the music?
AK: David writes the lyrics and we all collaborate on the sound.

RNR: What inspires you to write your music?
DM: Travel…relationships.

RNR: What’s new in recording?
DM: We released Harbor April 23rd, 5 songs.
JP: We’ll be Working on new recordings this summer.

RNR: Where do you tour?
JP: Midwest mostly. We went to Austin for SXSW.

*** David gets up and a drunk guy in his mid 30’s sits in his place next to me. “Excuse me, my friend is sitting here”, I inform. The guy ignores me and eats his pizza undisturbed with glazed eyes. I hand him the dried basil shaker. He takes it from me and sprinkles it over his pizza while Aaron gets a full album worth of Iphone shots right in the guys face, and several standing from birds eye view. The guy is oblivious and continues to eat. David returns and finds a new seat next to Jeff.***

RNR: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
AK: SXSW Outlaw Road Show.
RNR: Just the name is bad ass.
AK: Ryan Spaulding of Ryan’s Smashing Life called and said you WILL play this show. Adam Duritz took a liking to us and has kinda taken us under his wing also.

RNR: What are your biggest obstacles right now?
AK: Teeter totter, Ball pit, What is that thing….AGRO-CRAG! Labrynth in Legends of the Hidden Temples, any physical challenge from Double Dare.

RNR: Alright I’ve had enough.


Kristen Lucio

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