Birds of a feather

Along my travels, I have crossed the paths of those who are like-minded, kind and inspiring.  Such as the laws of energy, we attract what we put out. As I sit here in my small Brooklyn apartment, longing to hit the road again and get out of this concrete jungle, I reminisce on all the precious moments I had this past “Endless Summer” and the people who made it special.  IMG_1307-2My first (non-familly/friend) “host” was a young woman I met at the market where I was selling my vintage goods in Los Angeles.  Her name is “Lanni” (like Annie).  She entered my booth which was quite busy that day and I complimented her dress, to which she replied “I usually never get dressed up to go to the market, but today I did!”  And I’m glad she did, for it opened a communicative channel for us.  We continued to chat in and out of my helping customers and she said she would come back and continue the conversation later, which she did.  She kept me company in my booth and we had a great connection.  Lanni is a fashion designer who focuses on sustainable fashion-wear and we had a lot more to talk about.  IMG_3524IMG_3533

She asked me when I was leaving town and I replied “tomorrow”.  She asked me to stay one more day and invited me to be her guest at her little garden bungalow.  It did not take me long to agree to stay (I learned on this trip that some opportunities present themselves at last-minute moments and when it feels right, you should take it).  IMG_3554IMG_3535We spent the entire afternoon, evening, night and next morning talking about all that crap that girls talk about and of course dreams and future plans.  One thing I explicitly remember talking about and that I jotted down in my journal was that when you are on a journey, like the one I was on, and everything in life feels free and good…why does it have to end?  And our answer was, it does not.

I believe we all have our idea of  “journeys”, for some it is having a family and a nice home and a secure job, for others it is working in finance and perhaps running in high circles and for some, like me and Lanni, it’s the continual search  for inspiration, contact with new people everyday, nature, creativity and travel.  So what do we do to ensure that “it doesn’t end?”  I believe if you truly do what you love then, everything else will fall into place but, one must be willing to sacrifice material goods, income and even relationships to get there.  It’s not an easy road, nor decision to make but, I’ve learned that only the risk takers make it there.

Happy Sunday!  IMG_3531 IMG_3532IMG_3544

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