What started out as a week long road trip turned into a 4 month voyage across the U.S. during the summer of 2013. I flew from home in Brooklyn to San Antonio to retrieve my old car and stock up on new inventory along the way for my vintage online store, American Drifter. Once I arrived in Texas I realized I wasn’t ready to go back to New York, so I headed West across the desert.


Along the way I knew I would be exploring markets, vintage treasures, live music and roadside oddities and thought better than not to document the journey. I began this blog to display not only my obsession with photography but, the story behind each image, store, band and everyday peoples, so I began one on one interviews with these folks.



You can only imagine the amazing, kind and inspiring people I met on the trip. Their vintage collections, designs and music  are out of control and so are their stories!



Follow my blog as I drive cross-country (solo) and vintage hop from state to state.  Oh, did I mention I am also selling clothes out of my car?  You can keep up with my whereabouts via my Instagram feed and come see me on the weekends selling my goods at the local markets!  Like street fashion?  I’m photographing people who have awesome vintage style at the markets and on the streets too!

IMG_7631 What did I do before all this?

I work as a fashion stylist and “set costumer” in the film industry.  I also design films, music videos and fashion shoots. Comments are encouraged and I hope to give you something to look forward to in your mailbox.

For inquiries: AmericanDrifterVintage@gmail.comIMG_6052IMG_3273IMG_8425IMG_7546TBT tecateIMG_8085IMG_7016IMG_8361IMG_3399IMG_7644IMG_7736IMG_7500IMG_7179IMG_3218IMG_7280IMG_6660customerIMG_8616IMG_5919IMG_5669IMG_5791IMG_6178




7 thoughts on “About

  1. I cant believe you live in NYC. I would love to Move to NYC once I am finished with school. I give you kudos to you for working at your apartment.


    Mademoiselle Antoine

  2. I know and heard also. God Bless you for managing your living in NYC. I can managing living in Boston but I do not know about NYC

  3. Hey! You have quite the life! Very cool stuff on your blog. I will definitely be checking out your shop. Thanks for sharing the love. New Yorkers and Philadelphians should definitely stick together…we are both super cool. 😀

  4. Thank you! Life is always interesting! Who the heck knows what tomorrow will bring! I’ll be passing through Philly on my way back to Brooklyn, maybe you can tell me where to go! 🙂

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