“Sunny Field” AKA Solvang, CA

Santa Ynez Valley

I can’t recall if it was an accident or on purpose?  I entered the little town of Solvang in the middle of nowhere, California.  It was almost like finding the Wonka Factory…almost.  I was driving through what became stressfully winding roads amongst beautiful trees and woods, there were so many twists and turns I felt like I was playing old-skool Pole Position and trying to keep up pace so as not to upset the speedy locals behind me. IMG_9789

IMG_9775 IMG_9767

photo 1 photo 2 IMG_9784 IMG_9794 photo 4 IMG_9780

The sun was warm and as delicious as the smells coming out of the chocolate shops.  I strolled around for hours, snapping pictures and enjoying the adorable secret little town I had discovered, picturing myself living there in an old Danish house with a windmill. The town was littered with tourists but, I still enjoyed watching in-house clog shoes being made in front of my eyes…wishing I could afford a pair. As the sun went down, restaurants and bars opened their doors and lit candles, creating a Dickins-esque feel to the darkening scene. Although there is nothing epic to report on this excursion, it was just one of those evenings, like many others, on the road where I enjoyed “a day off” to stroll, relax and soak up the unexpected. As promised to myself every night, I left around 6pm as the sun dissolved into the hillside to ensure that I found camp before dark.  Good night, Solvang.

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