Space Oddity performed by Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Space Oddity – YouTube.

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David Bowie released a new album this year.  There was no buzz about it, still isn’t.  It’s deflating to think about some of past Rock icons that have gotten lost in the shuffle of the over-saturation of the music market.  I personally feel overwhelmed about who/what to listen to.  Even just to hear a song you actually get up to check out who the artist is doesn’t mean you are going to listen to any of their other songs.  How do we get back to a place that no longer exists for musicians/artists?   I don’t have the answers and I am just as frustrated, yet guilty culprit as any.  Like I said, it’s just so overwhelming.  New album release just ain’t what it used to be.

BUT, let’s take a moment to appreciate a REAL ARTIST who isn’t just a musician, he was a performer.  A fashion icon.  An actor.  A Glam rock God.  A man in touch so much with his femininity and experimental tastes that he made out with men (Mick Jagger for one).  Love, sex, art, music.  Take a listen to The Next Day

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