Traveling alone ain’t so bad #FBF

The first time I drove long distance alone was when I left Los Angeles for Miami.  I got a real taste of what it was like to travel and have no schedule…no one to complain that we are lingering too long…you get to listen to the music you REALLY want to listen to…or just sit in silence, mediate, pull over and take tons of ridiculous selfles with abstract backgrounds, it’s the BEST experience I had ever had and I knew I would have to do it again…and again.

taco truck girls

After I left Vegas I was out in the desert and found this little taco truck. I met these ladies who were hardcore repellers. They advised me on some scenic routes.

TBT tecate

Zion National Park

My famous shadow selfie



Interesting menus they got here…




Screeeech!!! Abe Lincoln’s Log house?!




You’re either on the bus, or off the bus…

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