Vintage Interview: Hidden Treasures, Topanga, CA

Hidden Treasures
154 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd.
Topanga, CA  90290
(310) 455-2998
Hours:  (winter) 10-6p,  7 days a week
Facebook:  Hidden Treasures Topanga

Sell your vintage and antiques:  Hidden Treasures buys vintage, antiques and used clothes, so take your goods there for extra cash!


True to its name, Hidden Treasures is discretely stowed away among the magical hills of Topanga Canyon.  Started in the late 80’s by Darrell Hazen, HT has been a go-to destination for costume designers, celebrities and those looking to find elaborate costume pieces or just unique vintage.  Hazen started selling vintage in the 70’s on the road side of Topanga Canyon after a job managing Aardvark’s vintage/thrift store with Animal House vintage proprietor, Ronnie (interview coming soon).  Although Darrell never sold at the local flea markets, he frequented them and was easy to spot as he was always roller skating around as a buyer.  “People come up to Hidden Treasures because it’s an adventure; designers, actors and musicians come here because they can shop in peace.”  HT is also a must-stop destination for “Burners” on their way to the Burning Man festival as they receive 5% off their purchases. During the months of July to October the store is heavily costume-stocked for this event and Halloween.

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I also learned that Hazen has an AMAZING and equally unique AirBNB rental house that is incredibly affordable and a beautifully decorated bungalow surrounded by lush plant life, has an outdoor bath tub covered in oversized sea shells, hot tub, fire pit, hammocks and on and on!

*Please DO NOT contact the store for info on this property.  Click HERE for all the info you need.

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Image courtesy of AirBNB

air 7

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Image courtesy of AirBNB

Image courtesy of AirBNB

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