Magic City TV Series auctions off vintage furniture and props

Magic City (Miami’s nickname) is set in 1959, Miami FL, and is based on creator, Mitch Glazer‘s childhood memories of growing up in Miami in an era that was racy and controlled by organized crime.   His father was an electrical engineer and worked on all those glamorous hotels you see on Collins Avenue today, so he heard a lot of the what REALLY went on behind closed deco doors and eventually wrote it into a script, before Mad Men came out.


I was the set costumer to the entire female ensemble cast and was blessed to have worked with so many amazing costumes everyday, which I could do a whole different blog post on.   I left after season one and moved to Brooklyn but, heard the show was cancelled after season two.  R.I.P.

Our movie set was by far the most elaborate and detailed one I’ve ever worked on.  The grand lobby to the “Miramar Playa”, the amazing cocktail lounge that has a backdrop of girls swimming in the hotel’s pool, a restaurant for fine dining, spiral stair cases, elegant penthouse suites, mid- century mod office spaces, and my favorite, the pink hair salon.

I received an email today stating that the Magic City props and furniture would be going up for auction on Oct. 2nd online.  You can start bidding now on smaller pieces here at

If you live in Miami, you can go to the live auction on Oct. 5th where they will be selling the actual furniture, chandeliers, bicycles, statues, coffee tables, dressers and more!  Wish I was still living there!
Here’s just a few items that caught my eye that are up for auction!  (I wonder if they are auctioning off the merkins we made…)



6furn (18)

10furn (25)

13furn (3)

13furn (37)

14furn (4)

14furn (66)



16furn (43)




3 thoughts on “Magic City TV Series auctions off vintage furniture and props

  1. What a fantastic find! We were utterly nuts for Magic City. We marveled at the lush set design and look of the show–congratulations on your contribution to that. We were bereft when the show was canceled–because beyond its stunningly good looks, it had good bones: good plot, good acting, good setting, all of it wonderful. Nice to see a little bit of it resurrected here in your blog. Did you bid on any items from the auction? Sorry to have missed that.

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