Vintage Feature: HOME, San Diego, CA


North Park:  3013 University Ave. San Diego, CA  92104

(619) 299-6880

Hours:  M-Sat 11-7     Sun 11-6

Encinitas:  629 South Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA  92018

(760) 632-6880

Web:     Facebook:  Home Mercantile

Instagram:  Home_Mercantile
Home is a family homage to the late Richard Ross.  Known in NYC for the proprietorship of an Upper East Side hangout to musicians and artists, Ross provided something special for the likes of those who wanted to unwind and escape the city.  His brother Jack, who ran a limo service, drove around large musical acts after their shows and would take them “Home”.  Such musicians include David Bowie, Alice Cooper and most famously, John Lennon.

Lennon soon became a frequent patron and also very close friends with Ross. Sadly, Ross died in 1984 from Hodgkins disease.  As a gift to his dear friend Ross, Lennon had special t-shirts printed with the company logo and the quote “A moment in your life Richard”.  You can currently purchase the famous Home logo apparel in-store at either California locations.

I chatted with David, one of Ross’s three nephews and proprietors of  Home, at the North Park, San Diego location about his uncle and the history behind the shop.  The first store opened in 2002 by the three brothers as a vintage store, and in-house upcycled design-wear boutique with a music infused style. Behind the counter is a painted wall mural of Ross.  Also, interestingly, you will note the painting on the back wall and reference to “Shazam” throughout the company.  “Shazam” was a black german shepherd belonging to Ross and was just as much a part of the “Home” foundation as all the other characters that helped run the bar and restaurant.




David holds up one of his favorite vintage tees going along with me as my “traveling gnome” around the country.  First stop for the t-shirt (below) the Mojave Desert.


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