Your pregnancy photos don’t have to be lame…

On my travels I head north through California, stopping in Chico, a small, hippie, farmer community that has about 1/4 cup of hipness. Pot, it smells of pot. Everyone is either smokin’ it or growin’ it. They have a wonderful park that reminds me of Central Park back home, Bidwell Park. Other than tipping cows or going to the weekend farmers market to stock up on ghee, it’s a great warm and sunny place to raise kids.
I stayed with my long-time friend who is pregnant and she informed me she was going to hire someone to take her baby photos and I offered to take them free of charge instead. I started to research pregnancy photos on Pinterest and came across a few unique ones but, most of them were cheesy. I decided to take a different approach. I found inspiration through music.

Cristi loves the Beatles (who doesn’t), but she more so than others. She has several posters of theirs and I found one that I thought could be fun in the babies room when she is past her toddler age and her room needs an update.

My inspirations: The Beatles
Beatles poster Art

edits RS-2

Next I incorporated another music inspiration, Janet Jackson‘s best album, in my opinion, Rhythm Nation, and a bad ass scene from Footloose of Kevin Bacon. RAD!

rhythm nation cover




The result:
IMG_2439 copy

IMG_2510 copy

Last I did a “boho” themed shoot so we could get a softer, more natural look. No inspiration needed, we just used American Drifter Vintage apparel. The orange floral dress is for sale HERE. And the pink dress HERE.

IMG_2256 copy

IMG_2367 copy

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