Brimfield Antique Fair is happening NOW!

If you haven’t been to the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachussetts and you live in the area, get your pooper in the car NOW and go!  It’s AMAZING!  I am unfortunately on the other side of the country touring all wonderful things antique over here but, I recall how unbelievable last years show was and I was only there for…not even a full day!  I was on a quest for bar stools for my crappy Brooklyn apartment and I found them!


BRIMFIELD ANTIQUE SHOW         Sept. 3-8,  2013

The Town of Brimfield is centrally located between Exits 8 and 9 of the Massachusetts Turnpike, Interstate Route 90. 


GPS Coordinates to Brimfield Show:

42° 7′ 22″ N, 72° 12′ 5″ W

GPS Decimal Coordinates to Brimfield Show:
42.122778-72.201389     Facebook:  Brimfield Antique Show


img_0002-0011 img_0003-001


img_0006-001 img_0010-001 img_0012-001 img_0013-001 img_0014-001 img_0017-001 img_0018-001 img_0019-001 img_0021-001 img_0022-001 img_0023-001 img_0024-001 img_0026-001 img_0028-001 img_0029-001 img_0030-001 img_0032-001 img_0034-001 img_0036-001 img_0039-001 img_0049-001 img_0050-001 img_0052-001 img_0055-001 img_0056-001 img_0058-001 img_0060-001 img_0062-001 img_0063-001 img_0064-001 img_0065-001 img_0067-001 img_0068-001 img_0069-001 img_0070-001 img_0071-001 img_0074-001 img_0075-001 img_0077-001 img_0079-001 img_0080-001 img_0081-001 img_0083-001 img_0085-001 img_0087-001

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