Sometimes on the road we encounter shit storms

I had just talked to my best friend, as I was emotionally heavy from my recent break-up and then I talked to my Mom for a bit.  This is what I need; I assured myself, this road trip. Everything was going to be OK.  As soon as I hung up the phone I noticed the air coming from the vents started to blow at a neutral temperature.  I’m passing through Lac Cruces, New Mexico and it’s 106 degrees.  The air got hotter.  No, no NO!  Shit! Poop!

I pulled into the first little dirt town; name is escaping me.  Fortunately it was about 3pm and businesses were still open.  I went to a place 1 mile away and pulled in to a chain-link fenced dirt driveway where there was a 2-car garage workshop.  A man greeted me in his 50s and I explained to him the issue, he ran some pressure hoses and said it was most likely my compressor.  He said it would probably cost $300-$500 to fix.  What?!  I definitely didn’t want to leave it there to be repaired.  I paid him and  said “Thank you” for the diagnosis and headed for the next major city, Tucson.  mountain scape faces

Back on the road, 4pm-ish and the air was spewing out like a blow dryer on high heat.  I had no choice to but to keep it on.  I tried rolling down the windows but, it was loud and super gusty winds were crossing I-10.  Without the A/C on was worse, I felt like I was trapped in an airless box.  I had no choice.  I just had to let it drip.  It was waaay too hot and far to make it to my cousin’s in San Diego.  I couldn’t take anymore of the desert heat.  I rolled into Tucson right before sunset and found a cute 50’s motel that reminded me of Miami.   It was pretty vacant and had a pool.  Perfect.  Flamingo Hotel IMG_6883

The next day I spent most of the day in the hotel lobby, drinking the free coffee and trying to fix my blog.  It was a technical disaster.  A month before the road trip I thought it would be a keen idea to get an intern and have them give my blog a cosmetic upgrade, it turned out to be a nightmare and I ended up having to fix everything on my own.  In addition, I was making several phone calls to auto shops and even Honda dealerships to see how much a new compressor would be.  My answer:  Not, $300-$500 like Mr. mom and pop shop assumed but, $900-$1200!  Sweet Jesus!  I had to get to San Diego.  I called my cousin and told him I was coming in late… and stinky.  This sucks.  This was a sign of the shit storm to come.  C map

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