Road Trip Playlist: “Texas”

Click the image to listen

Click the image to listen

It took me a really long time to complete and edit this playlist.  Here are some of my new and old favorite songs I listened to while driving across West Texas to San Diego.  Some songs were really heavy and had to be taken out because I want these tracks to be more inspiring and motivating than anything.  Play it while you’re driving out of the city and you will see what I mean.


(This is a Spotify playlist, I was going to do a Sound Cloud list too, for those don’t have Spotify but, they didn’t even have the first song in their library, sorry).



1.  The Road, Matt Costa

2.  People Say-acoustic, Portugal.  The Man

3.  The Gardner, The Tallest Man in the World

4.  Never Going Back, Fleetwood Mac

5.  Don’t Carry It All, The Decemberists

6.  At Home, Crystal Fighters

7.  Lost in My Mind, The Head and the Heart

8.  Hard Sun, Eddie Vedder

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