The Magical Mystery Tour begins…

TX banner

I flew from Brooklyn to my hometown, San Antonio, TX a few weeks ago to get my car and do some buying for my vintage Etsy shop, American Drifter Vintage.  I thought I would already be back in Brooklyn but, the trip got off to a slow start.  (This is why I don’t over-plan ANYTHING).  I had a lot of prep to do mostly because of this here blog I started, specifically for the road trip.  Just FYI, being a dedicated blogger is HARD!  It takes TONS of preparation, research, photography and….my least favorite thing, time staring at a laptop.  Unless, you have a team of people doing things for you, which I don’t.

I go home only once, maybe twice a year so, it was nice to hang out with family and see old friends.  Time was getting away from me and I needed to leave, so, here we go!  Watch me travel by myself across the country, interviewing local vintage retail owners and dealers and blogging about their stores, how they got started and their yester-years.  I’ve already met some really beautiful people and they inspire me (and hopefully you) to do what makes you happy for a living.  I got a LOOOOOONG trip ahead of me.

First stop, Austin, TX!

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