I ain’t scared

In exactly one week I will leave Brooklyn for San Antonio, Texas.  Not moving, just need to get the hell out of here.  Clear my mind.  I’m going home (S.A. born and raised) to get my car “Minnow” (it’s bad luck not to name your car) and I’m bringing her to NY.  Everyone says you don’t need a car here but, who likes to be trapped?  I don’t.  That’s why I like moving to a new city every 3 years.

Road trips.

I LOVE road trips.  The gas prices make them quite hard to expedite these days and even harder to get people to hop on the bandwagon with you but, that’s fine because I would rather be alone part of the time.  I’m taking the “long way home”.  The trip will look something like this:


That’s roughly 6000 miles.  $1000 gas money.  My budget is smaller than I expected since the job I just finished was a “low budget” film and I am use to working on film in Miami where they don’t take out state tax and all the other crap they do here.  So, I might try CouchSurf.com  I’ve always wanted to be a “host” when I heard of the site but, was too busy.  Maybe I’ll sleep in the car sometimes, I’ve done it before (which is actually really scary out in the middle of nowhere).



I started this blog to lead into a bigger project at the end of the summer involving a Kickstarter.com campaign that I will talk about later.  I may run out of money on the way.  Shit.  I’m making this a “low budget” buying trip as well.   I sell vintage clothes in my Etsy Store but, gas and food will eat most of my savings.  I’m stopping a lot of places I’ve always wanted to see (Marfa TX, Joshua Tree, Montana, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone…).


I’m going to blog from the road and share my pictures, purchases, and playlists along the way.  I’m welcome any FREE tips on cool FREE things to see, photograph or awesome flea markets to buy at.

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