Wishing I had heard Meg Jay’s TED TALK 10 years sooner

I’m 2 months post break up and my heart still hurts. I question “why” quite frequently. The truth is, I knew very soon into the relationship that this person was not right for me. I wanted so badly to believe they were. Why? Because at 34 I am finally ready to share time and adventures with someone, consistently. The reality was, they weren’t there yet.  My 20’s were rowdy, adventurous and full of un-paved ways. Men fell in love with me and I broke hearts.  I wasn’t ready.  I wasn’t thinking about the future.  I believe in “The Power of Now” but, you have to believe in the power of now TOWARDS THE FUTURE.

The truth is, if the person you are with is still in “selfish” mode, move on. Stop wasting time because there is someone out their who has already grown up and has their shit together and wants to appreciate you and share adventures WITH you. I have a little sister that is 20 and a little brother that is 17. To all those 20-somethings that get advice “Oh you’re still young, you have plenty of time…” Don’t listen.

Something I have learned now, on my own, is to ALWAYS be working on yourself.  I’ve learned also, that friends come and go in your life.  The good one’s will always be there for you, no matter where you live.  And you can make new ones!  Stop worrying about leaving the life you built somewhere.  I like to move around a lot because I like to experience new places and new people.  I know that my constantly evolving eccentric life  has developed into where I am at now because I’ve always been open.  The more I indulge in moving to new cities and jobs, the braver I become.  I hope you are inspired by this video as I was.  It’s not just for 20-somethings because you can still take this advice and apply it to your life at any age.

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