OOTD 2 work clothes

Working in the film business is far from glamorous. Far far far. We work anywhere from 12-18 hours a day with intense physical labor and must be able to think about what’s happening in the schedule at least 4 hours in advance. With that explained, being stylish at work is a rare sight. Crew members do not have time nor the energy (see my post “9 hour turnaround”) to put forth efforts into their “look”, especially when we are moving heavy dirty equipment.

When I get dressed for a 15 hour work day, I have to make sure I am dressed practical and in layers because we might shoot indoors in the first half of the day but then might move to exterior shots for night shoots.

Grey jersey tee: American Apparel/ Vintage black leather motorcycle jacket: Krowenyc.com/ Printed high waisted cropped pants: Forever 21/ Gold and linen “Sky High” sneakers: Nike

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