Transitions, growing up and finally getting a tattoo

Thea Duskin of Ghostprint Gallery

I’ve been wanting to get tattoo’d for years and years.  I knew I wanted flowers. Something feminine.  Not “traditional” style flowers but, more portrait looking…pastel looking or watercolor, which I recently discovered can be done and probably looks to me, the most feminine way to portray a tattoo.

Tattoos should tell a story.  Should have symbolism to us.  I’ve been thinking about this for awhile…years actually.  I wanted to get a half sleeve of the state flower of everywhere I’ve lived…or visited for an extended period of time.  The centerpiece would be my home state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet.  I do have Texas pride and it is a pretty flower.  I even drew one and used it as my banner for my first blog, which I abandoned.  BluebonetBlackbird (Blue bonnet for my state flower and Black bird for my Etsy store:  “KroweNYC” )

I’ve been feeling anxious to get a tattoo.  This is the year.  But, I am afraid of getting the 1/2  sleeve.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to commit to getting that much real estate on my body painted with ink.  I just know I’ll regret it.  My Mom will kill me too.  Oh well, I’m an adult and she’ll deal with it.

So, lately, I’ve been also wanting a tattoo to remind myself to breath, trudge forward and look ahead in life.  I’m transitioning.  It’s hard.  Im in a new city, New York City of all places.  It’s tough.  It’s expensive.  And it’s lonely.  My boyfriend left me.  I’m holding onto something that isn’t there anymore.  I need to release my clenched teeth and fists.  I think I need this tattoo.  I’m ready.  But, what tattoo tells you “everything is gonna be alright”?

I think I figured it out.  I’m pretty sure I got it.  It came to me in a day dream.  But, I want it to be my art.  I’m going to sketch it.  I’m not the best artist but, I’ll just keep sketching until I get it right.  It needs to come from me.  After all, I do my best art when I’m emotionally heavy.

Coincidentally whilst I looked for an artist online that is local and has a style and talent to meet my criteria, I discovered the NYC Tattoo Convention is going to be here in 2 weeks.  I’ll have to miss Friday because of the film job I’m on but, I’ll go Saturday.  It will be fun, yet nerve racking to feel the pressure of finding the right artist that is going to to do the work right THEN AND THERE!  That gives me 2 weeks to draw something that will be branded on my body FOREVER. Holy shit.

Here’s some inspiration for the flowers and perhaps a crow to represent my entrepreneurial endeavors (I got a lot of these photos off Pinterest and Tumblr and how annoying that no one gives credit to the artists so, you can’t even find where they do their work):

Artist:  Amanda Wachob

Artist: Amanda Wachob

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Yes, cliche but, I love how it jumps off her skin!!!

Yes, cliche but, I love how it jumps off her skin!!!

Dandelion tat


watercolor discrett

I LOVE the discreetness of this

I LOVE the discreetness of this

Alphonse Mucha art

Alphonse Mucha art

rainbow feather

feather pen

humming bird tat

Allen Tattoo, Chicago

Allen Tattoo, Chicago

watercolor poppies

watercolor tree

Illustration watercolor flowers

watercolor bird and branches

watercolor feather

watercolor tatwatercolor prism

humming bird watercolor

watercolor face

paint tattoo

watercolor drip tattoo

watercolor owl

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