Hat: Banana Republic. Cropped knit top: KroweNYC.com. Gold and black belt: KroweNYC.com. Black high-waisted A-line skirt: American Apparel. Suede heeled booties: H&M

I currently work in the film industry as a “set costumer”. That means I am present on set when the cameras are rolling and tend to my assigned actor(s). I’m responsible for continuity in the wardrobe changes per the script.

When I’m not taking film work, I am focusing on my women’s and men’s online vintage clothing shops: KroweNYC.com

So I’ll be giving you some OOTD’s (Outfit Of The Day) but, ill be using vintage clothes that I’ve gone on cross- country buying trips to find for my shop. AND, the vintage pieces are of course, for sale in my shops.

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